Reel 2020

Game of Chairs

Written and Directed by Mark Keavney

Theodore and the Perfect Choux

Written and Directed by Emily Park


Dramatic Clip from "Cindy" a short film written and directed by Nick Burry. Carmel, California August 2018

Starring Edward Pritchard

The Adventures of Water Bottle John

Written, Animated and Directed by Edward Pritchard

An F303 Film.

Baker For Hire

 "Baker for Hire", directed by Maguire Winsor.

Starring Ron Brice (Clockers, Fresh) and Edward Pritchard

A retired assassin has to bake a cake for his granddaughter's birthday party but he gets some unexpected guests... and an unexpected ally.

Where Your Life Begins

Written and directed by Tiag Bhamber. 

Starring Edward Pritchard, Andrew Lott, Deya Bowers. Narration by Edward Pritchard.


Three Friends. Four Years. Five Minutes. WHERE YOUR LIFE BEGINS follows a group of college students as they experience a time full of firsts and lasts, successes and failures, anguish and growth. As their lives flash before their eyes, they learn that good times and bad may come and go, but friendships forged in trying times can truly last forever.

Shot entirely on an iPhone. An F303 Film. 

©2020 by Edward Pritchard.