Escape 2120 is on Amazon Prime! 

As of July 13 2020, Escape 2120 has been officially released on Amazon Prime and is available to buy or rent!  It will become available to Amazon Prime customers later in the fall. 

More release information for other streaming channels coming soon. 

BMG Global Distribution Deal-Escape 2120 Coming in July! 

Escape 2120 has been picked up for distribution by Bridgestone Multimedia Group! Release information coming soon! 

Escape 2120 will also have its big screen debut July 10 2020 at the People's Bank Theatre. You can find event/ticketing details here

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Escape 2120 Trailer and Awards! 

Brian Bennett, director of Escape 2120, recently won a "prestigious" Award of Recognition from the IndieFEST Film Awards for his tireless work on the film! Trailer below! 


"In winning an IndieFEST Film Award, Vireo Productions joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award including Liam Neeson as the narrator of “Love Thy Nature, A Path Appears” a documentary featuring George Clooney and Blake Lively; “Radical Grace” executive produced by Susan Sarandon; a searing expose “Davids and Goliath” by Peabody winner Leon Lee; and “Touched with Fire” starring Katie Holmes."

Here's the full article on the win from the Marietta Times. This town was one of the main shooting locations for Escape 2120. 


Escape 2120 is also a semi-finalist at the Director's Cut Int'l Film Fest 2019!!

Escape 2120 is currently still in post production and will be released in 2020. Follow along on IMDb and the official website for updates on the film's release.

The Adventures of Water Bottle John won an honourable mention for "Best Animation" at the Los Angeles Film Awards

It also won "Best Voiceover" at Oniros Film Awards September 2019 and I received an honourable mention for my screenplay and we were finalists for "Best Animation" and "Best Comedy"! We are now in contention for the annual gala in Saint-Vincent, Italy which takes place next summer. At Feel The Reel International Film Festival the cartoon won 2nd place in the Animation Category for the October 2019 edition. 

I animated, wrote, directed, starred and even scored moments of this environmental comedic cartoon.  Also starring the wonderful Paul Kandarian who also plays the role of Doc in Escape 2120


"A courageous water bottle traverses the great kitchen to recycle himself for eternal life, all the while being taunted by a pessimistic yoghurt pot, content with a life in the trash."

Official Selections: LA Film Awards, Oniros Film Awards, Feel The Reel International Film Festival, Cutting Edge Film Festival, Direct Monthly Online Film Festival. 













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You're Invited got into 4 festivals! 

You're Invited premiered in early November at the Austin Jewish Film Festival. It was also shown at Greater Phoenix JFF, Sacramento JFF and Santa Barbara JFF throughout the last few months! 

I played Dan in You're Invited, written and directed by Andrew Kaplan with assistant direction by Jennifer Enskat and Cinematography by Emmy Award Winning Andrew Gardner. This is a heartwarming tale about a community coming together to celebrate the life of a stranger. 

Supporting role in my second feature!

Just booked a fun supporting role in OJ Reyes and Rachel Robyn Wagner's Snowglobes in the Summer ! Follow along on IMDb for updates! 

"Following a series of life changing events, Monica takes in her estranged sister, Gabby, who can see the ghost of their deceased brother."

More Projects to be released in 2020!

Freewriting directed by Bruno Mattos Rubeiz. I play a supporting role in this short film about a writer who goes on a journey inside his mind accompanied by one of his characters in search of a new story to write. 

I am playing John Lennon in Lennon-McCartney, a biopic based on the break up of the Beatles and Ono and Lennon's relationship. The film is written and directed by Jacob Cleary and we are shooting in the vintage Pyramid Recording Studios in midtown.

Watch Out directed and written by Felix Van Kann. In this comedic short film I play the lead role of Alex, a self-important sociology student. For his thesis project, which he believes will be his breakthrough into the glamorous world of academia, he pretends to be a blind person in order to assess peoples’ behavior as they feel unobserved in public; when he witnesses a man commit a crime, he finds himself in mortal danger and must keep up the pretense of his lack of eyesight. 

Where Your Life Begins-An F303 Film

Where Your Life Begins, written and directed by Tiag Bhamber. I play the lead role of Thomas and provide the voiceover narration. 


Three Friends. Four Years. Five Minutes. WHERE YOUR LIFE BEGINS follows a group of college students as they experience a time full of firsts and lasts, successes and failures, anguish and growth. As their lives flash before their eyes, they learn that good times and bad may come and go, but friendships forged in trying times can truly last forever.


We shot the entire film on an iPhone in the beautiful campus of Davidson College, which is also an arboretum. You can see the full film here.  An F303 production. 


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